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my beautiful boyfren

i met a man who changed my every way..he's nice and sweet.whenever im with him,im happy and i always in a cloud 9..he teached me alot of things.i did so many unusual things when im with him.i love him..until now i still do..he made me see new things in a different way.

i love all the small things he did.i love him when he said he loves me,i love him when he told me his jokes,i love him when he called me at night just to hear my breath,i love him in every way..he always calms me down when i have problems.especially when we had fights..even when we had fight i still love him..but now he's gone..i regret for not saying as much love as i could when i was with him.i regret for not giving him a long big hug for the last time.

the most hardest time now is when i miss him so much..what should i do..when i miss his jokes,what should i do..when i wish i could see his smiles,what should i do..when i want to tell him that i love him so much,what should i do..what should i do when …