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movie n pengaruhnye dlm kehidupan aku

hai..hai..da pnt ber'english'..kite berbahasa malaysia plak yer..smlm aku baru blk dr tgk movie yasmin yg baru. talentime~ oo cite tu best n menarik utk ditonton sume pergkt umur..i am yasmin's kak yasmin, rasenye cite tu x trkesan mcm cite kak yasmin yg before ni but still best. ape yg aku suke adelah kak yasmin suke ltkkn elemen kemesraan dlm keluarga..kalo perasanlah,mesti mcm ade comparison between family yg hepi n ade family yg kite nmpk sgt2 x mesra. so from there actually kite bole decide kite nk bentuk family kite mcm mn..dlm family actually kite kn ade gurau senda..sbb kt situ br blh trcipta kemesraan antara keluarga. but still ade certain perkara, kite kena tegas. mcm masa scene mak suro anak2 die bsh pggn wpun mei ling kate die akn bshkn nant. but stil ketegasan mak kat situ kite bole nmpk. and then kat cni kite bole jugak nmpk mcm mn actually kite pndg masyarakat lain. certain org x ksh pn kalo lain2 bgsa bergaul sesama sinri tp ade org rase die lbh bai…

is it true that u only feel love for a while??

for so many years, i observed and observed from my parents, from my frens, from others about relationship. i never had a relationship when i was in kinda a boyish girl who skipped classes, played with the boys and anything that you could think boy would do..yerp, i did it also (haahahaha..i miss those time~) in school i learned bout puppy love but i never get involved with it..of course i like boys!!only that im not ready to have a commitment. well, i was young at that time n all i could think is play - play - and play..LOL. but all i can see at that time is they all love their partner..don't think bout's like they own the world (padahal seluar dalam pun mak belikan lagi..hahahahaha) but at some time, suddenly they broke up and the common situation happened (the girls cry-the boy bcome mad-blame each other n everything that u could imagine) ~so from there i think they broke up because the love has gone from their heart and has changed into hatred.
then …


well,i'm back..las time i posted sumting dat is sad n gloomy since i just broke up with my boyfren at dat time.wat do u expect from dat rite??hehehe. guess wat??i've found someone new..should i compare him with my,that's not good.every people is different.but i think he's the one (well,i hope..) we are frens at first. good frens. we laugh at each other jokes n make fool to each other n hangout with our closed frens (ammar, atoi, pnjg, dan, betik etc). i dunno wats my feelings when i first noticed he likes me. i dunno wats my feelings when he told me he likes me. i dunno wats my feelings when he said he wants to hv a relationship with me. i mean can i do it once again..with my closed fren..wat if suddenly theres nothing between us?i keep askg myself with all dis questions..wat if?wat if?wat if?then suddenly i would i know if i nvr try..then i ask myself again..try?try?does it an appropriate word in a relationship??no!!how could we try on …