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Friday, March 20, 2009

is it true that u only feel love for a while??

for so many years, i observed and observed from my parents, from my frens, from others about relationship. i never had a relationship when i was in school..im kinda a boyish girl who skipped classes, played with the boys and anything that you could think boy would do..yerp, i did it also (haahahaha..i miss those time~) in school i learned bout puppy love but i never get involved with it..of course i like boys!!only that im not ready to have a commitment. well, i was young at that time n all i could think is play - play - and play..LOL. but all i can see at that time is they all love their partner..don't think bout anything..it's like they own the world (padahal seluar dalam pun mak belikan lagi..hahahahaha) but at some time, suddenly they broke up and the common situation happened (the girls cry-the boy bcome mad-blame each other n everything that u could imagine) ~so from there i think they broke up because the love has gone from their heart and has changed into hatred.
then i study in college. for the first time i stayed away from my family. lived with frens. it took a while for me to adapt with the new circumstances but after that i enjoyed being there so much!!! my parents give green light if i want to start a relationship with anybody~well, guess wat??im still not interested to get involved with any guys..i still rough n tough (hiyark!!) n sweet too LOL (acececeh..nk jugak tu) starting in here i start to see couples do stupid things..not all of them but most of them. they start making things like skipped class n get warned (pandai buat pandai a cover) n be rude to the teachers n try to show that they're the best couple..brought back their partner to their room..things like that..u see..at this point i think love make people do stupid things but in the end how many of them end up married n live happily ever after..as long as i know~NONE!!!n i come to a conclusion, love has gone again..the thrill is only for a while.

then i entered university, i promise to myself that i will find myself a boyfren (bf) in the first semester of my study n i did. n he was the proof to all the theory that i've made. he studied overseas. he went back to Malaysia every 10months for 2months. we sms each other. i sent him a letter every week. i never asked him to reply it but of course im happy if he did. for the first 2months, it was ok. we sms every day then after 2months he will start sms me lesser n lesser each day. i sms him everyday n he nvr reply it on d spot..sometimes i hv to wait for 3 days for him to reply (i think this is the part when the love has start to fade) then after 5months, he sms me once every 2weeks..still i stay with him..b loyal to him n never gv up to send him a letter every week even when he said please dont send him any letter anymore (i am stupid at this time..hahaha)..then 1month before he cm bc to Malaysia, we will break up (die yg mntk k) n when he bc in Malaysia, we will continue our relationship back n when he goes back to Russia (im sori i hv to tel them where u study..hihihi), the same things repeated over n over again. for 4years it was like this n i always in love with him (how stupid i was at dat time..aiyooo). the 3rd time we broke up, i asked for it. i think i can't stand anymore. but seriously there is no hard feelings. im fine with it. i think only him not ok with it. i dunno why but everytime we broke up he always get emotional (padahal ko yg mntk break kot..daaaa!!!)

ok guys, continue later..gtg..wait for more surprise in the 2nd part of this story..catch with u guys later!!!

aloo..aloo..welcome back..now this is the 2nd part of this story..my second bf is an Indonesian guy..he sweet n charming n kind n funny n romantic..he's like a fairy tale guy (seriously!!till now i think he is) i love him so much because he's gentle n he's my dream man. he loves me so much. even anyone who meet us can see love in our eyes especially in his. at first my parents and siblings disagreed with our relationship but at last my dad said ok n gv us permission to continue our relationship. btw, by any chances he will only be in Malaysia for 2months only. after dat he has to go back to Germany (OMG!i tot i don't have to couple with someone who has to stay so far away from me again but..haihh) he said he wants to marry me but my dad object. so we postpone it n he has to go back to Germany alone. he promised me he will come back n marry me n we will go to Germany together. i said to him wat if he found another girl n marry her. he said he will never do that. i can kill him if he did that n all the sweet talking that u can imagine. so he went to Germany, we contact each other through sms n calls n skype video call. not everyday but at least once a week. things seem to be ok at first but each day i can see he's changing. i even had a dream of him started a new relationship with other girl for 7days in a row (btw, i have a 6th sense..i get bad sign from dreams..im not joking..read more for further info..hehehe) i told him bout it n he didn't deny it nor agreed with it. and one week before we broke up, i had a dream of him coming back with a new bride with his parents. n guess wat, two months after we broke up, he did get married with other girl. hahahaha..funny!

so, i guess my theory is correct. luckily i always warned myself with this kind of things. so guys, moral of the story is don't expect things will be in a way that we imagined all the time. always be prepared with bad situations also. n love doesn't bloom all d time. to fall in love is easy. the thrill to get the love is always the best part but to maintain the love..that's the hardest part..

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