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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


well,i'm back..las time i posted sumting dat is sad n gloomy since i just broke up with my boyfren at dat time.wat do u expect from dat rite??hehehe. guess wat??i've found someone new..should i compare him with my ex-es..no,that's not good.every people is different.but i think he's the one (well,i hope..) we are frens at first. good frens. we laugh at each other jokes n make fool to each other n hangout with our closed frens (ammar, atoi, pnjg, dan, betik etc). i dunno wats my feelings when i first noticed he likes me. i dunno wats my feelings when he told me he likes me. i dunno wats my feelings when he said he wants to hv a relationship with me. i mean can i do it once again..with my fren..my closed fren..wat if suddenly theres nothing between us?i keep askg myself with all dis questions..wat if?wat if?wat if?then suddenly i realise..how would i know if i nvr try..then i ask myself again..try?try?does it an appropriate word in a relationship??no!!how could we try on relationship..its not like we r buying clothes or something.if we don't like it then we can return it back.this is a matter of two hearts which could be broken easily.so i said to myself,i have to wait until im sure with wat i want..n at last..with all his patience n hardworking (yer..cheng da kurus sbb ni..hahahaha).. i know wat i want.i know wat i felt n i know for sure im ready..wat say u guys??


Shuena said...

to cheng-----> jaga arina bayek2 kerana die amat bayekkk...=)

P/s: over x promo??hahahha

bintang said...

hahaha..kalo die baca ana..btw,thanx ana

Shuena said...

la..die xbace ke??xpe, 1 fine day pasti akan bace..hehhehe

bintang said...

hahaha..semoga ajelah..


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