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Friday, April 17, 2009

P E R F E C T I O N of my I M P E R F E C T I O N

Just now i visit kak yasmin the film maker blog. nothing much. just want to know if she made any update bout anything. well nothing much but one of her blog is about her tv commercial ads that she made recently for Singapore government. herm, like always. she has made a brilliant brilliant tv ads (i adore u kak yasmin). i think this is a god gift to her in delivering a message to humans about love. u must see the ad. it's simple but believe me, it will touch ur heart. wat i want to tell u guys here is about wat d message dat she wants to deliver to all of us. "beautiful imperfection". yes. i agree with her. sometimes it's not the perfect things that make someone loveable, but it's their imperfections that make us perfect for them and our imperfections make them perfect for us.

today is exactly one month of me and my current bf, cheng being together. until now i could say that he is a very patient man. how i see he tries so hard to satisfy me in every way. i think now i have become spoiled by his love and care until i'm afraid if one day he stop trying, i will become devastated. hahaha. he is a simple guy. we used to be a fren. good frens. until now, i think sometimes we forgot that we are a couple, not just a fren and we would simply say things like "ko ni sengal erk??" and after dat, we pause for a while and laugh at each other or sometimes we just ignore it like we know that we didn't mean to say it. hahaha.

to be truth, for the past one month, i still missed my ex. i think he just touched the deepest part of my heart until las weekend when he messaged me in ym (i think this is the turning point). i cried when he buzz me. i miss him terribly n there his message, in front of me. i replied. asked him how he was. how was his life after being a husband. and he said he was fine n life as a husband, of course sometimes it has ups and downs. he asked me how am i? n i said i was fine (of course i will b fine..of course..) he said he was sorry bcos we have to end up our relationship like dis. n i said don b sori. im hepi he has found someone who could take care of him there (i am hepi for him..seriously) but he said his wife could not come with him due to some probs. n i comfort him, tell him things wil be fine. just b patient. we chat for a while like a long lost fren. how i miss him so much (of course i never tell him this..giler ke ape??hahaha) n at last, he said sumting that i really want to hear for all this while. "Arina, i have nice moments with u. thanx". yup. tq. i have nice moments with u too. i want u to remember me as a good memory just like i do.

after all. that's the only thing that i need to know actually. i never hate my ex-es after they left me. we have good moments together. so broke up is not a reason for me to hate them. part of me is the memories that they gave. n i enjoy being there when im with them. yes, the breaking up hurts but it heals later. and actually, my ex has done sumting good to myself when he messaged me that day. i realize that i love cheng even more. i told him about dis n guess wat, he didn't scold me or bcome mad at me. but he knew dat im sad n he just listened n tried to comfort me. yes. dats wat i need at dat time. somebody who could listen. i don't want to hear anything at dat time. just someone who could understand my feelings n cheng did dat. i just love being with dis man. hope he's d one with whom i could share my love n care, my sadness n happiness..my other half - the perfection to my imperfection.

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