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Monday, April 20, 2009

Girlfrens - Baby - Love

At last, my wish to see sue with her big sexy belly came true. Me, Ija, Sue n her hubby Bob got to meet at TGIF OU. hehehe. Im so excited to see all of them there especially sue since i miss her n d baby (d most of course..hehe). so for d past few months, i didnt get d chance to meet her n d baby bcos im so busy with tons of works n usually on weekends i will spend my time with my dearest. kinda chaotic schedule dat i have here. so when cheng could not come to KL las weekend, i made a plan with my galfrens to meet somewhere n have little chats with them (little lah sgt kan..hahahaha).

at first we planned to meet on sunday but Bob wanted to accompany sue (which i agreed) n since he got course on sunday, we change it to saturday. i don't mind at all as long as i could meet sue n her baby tomeiii. so the day arrived n i was very excited to feel d baby inside her belly n guess wat, d baby stil shy with me. he kicked only once. itupun lepas mummy die suro die greet aunty bee gak..hahahaha. sian baby. but its ok, once u r born..hahahaha..taulah kamu nsb kamu nanti..we chat for a while. most of d time bout sue n d baby (n sambil tu tgn usap2 perut sue..hahaha). sue's belly has become so big n it was amazing to see her sexy belly. i think dats d only time when women can feel sexy with a 'buncit' belly. LOL.

i think God really loves women by give them a womb where a human was created in there with love n care. sometimes not one but two or three n even eight. thats why we call the womb as Rahim or if we translate it to Malay the meaning of Rahim is penyayang. means that God choose women to carry a baby for nine months because he knows that women are a creature that full of love. when a woman carries a baby in her womb, she not only protect n feed d baby, but she also protect d baby with love n care. feed d baby with love n care. how amazing was that. i can't wait to see baby Harris Nazli. we all are looking forward to meet u baby. n im also happy to see sue n bob as a happy couple. hope our frenship las forever. hope nex time, pae, areh n terk could join us. i love u guys so much!!!


miszchaon said...

AAAAA......b..hehehee...bile b cakap pasal rahim tu maksudnya penyayang, br su cm terpkir jgk..a'ah ek..betul jgk..I do love dis tiny being inside of me! hehee..wait till ur turn comes. hehee.

P/s : ape la prasaan mak2 yg buang anak dia tu..??

bintang said...

tulah..b kalo kawen awl adalah sbb pgrh sue yg pregnant..mcm best je..hahahaha..tu ar..xtau cane diorg bole buang ank suke2 eh..9bln kandungkan..alahaii..

adreen said...

kirim salam aweks tengah

bintang said...

hahaha..bole..yg da nk jadi ibu tu eh..


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