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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm wondering

i'm wondering, if human make a mistake are they gonna repeat the same mistake again or for worst they will do it as a habit.

i'm wondering, if we give a person a second chance, will they use the oppurtunity wisely or will they dissapoint u again and ask u to give them a third chance.

i'm wondering, is it okay for human to hurt themselves for someone that they love though it is not worth for them to hurt themselves.

i'm wondering, will people take a risk on something that can effect their life forever.

i'm wondering, if we love someone so deeply, will the feeling stays in our heart forever and become stronger and stronger each day.

i'm wondering, what's the different between love, like and lust.

i'm wondering, why we always forget all the good deeds that someone has done to us just because of one mistake they made.

i'm wondering, if we die today and live again tomorrow will we be a better person then yesterday.

i'm wondering, is it ok to loose someone just because u think they are wrong and you are right.

i'm wondering, if u read this, do u understand what i'm talking about.

sighhh..just wondering around..

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