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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


two days ago is my mom's besday. she has turn to 47. i went back to JB to celebrate her besday (btw, ibu pesan suro blk k..hehehe). the day before her besday, she got a gathering. she was very excited to go to the gathering and meet all her frens there. they have planned to organize this gathering for quite a long time. even they have meetings (which mean alot of meeting..hehehe) before the gath. my mum excitedly told one of her fren that her besday is the next day of the gath. her fren promise her that she will buy a cake to celebrate her besday. she was very excited about it. i dunno why but maybe because she gets to celebrate her besday with her frens. unfortunately, on the day of the gathering, her fren didn't celebrate her besday. she bought a cake but not for her besday. when my mum came back from the gath, she was very sad. i came home late that night. i came back around 1a.m and find out that my mum already sleep in bed. i changed and jumped into bed to sleep. my mum awake and we have a little chat bout this. she cried because she was sad with what had happened. i feel sorry for her.

that night, before i go out with my bf, i planned with my sister and brother to make a surprise in the morning of my mum's besday. so i bought a cake that night. and the next morning, we light candles on her birthday cake and sang her a besday song with 47 candles significant to her new age. my mum was very delight with that surprise. she was very2 happy. i have to go back to KL at 10a.m. after she blows the candle, i waited for my mum to cut the cake but guess what..she didn't do it because she think the cake is too cute and i think it is because she wants to feel the joy of being celebrated for a moment. i let her and i haven't taste the cake until now (don wori..im not regret at all..hahaha).

i wish that my mum will never has to turn older as her besday come every year. i'm scared if something bad happen to her as she gets older. my mum told me that maybe she will stay as a single mum until she die. i'm willing to take care of her when she's old and stay as a single mother even if she get married i will look after her. i love my mum so much. she's like my angel. she always calm my heart when i'm sad. she teached me so many things. how i wish i could make her happy everyday.

happy birthday!
semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki..
dan semoga Allah merahmati ibu slalu..

love u bu..


Shuena said...

mane gambo kek yang penuh lilin tu??nak nengokla..citer je lebey ni, xaci la..

bintang said...

hahaha..disebabkan surprise tu pg2 hari..xde sape tringt nk amik gmbr kek tu..


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