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Friday, June 19, 2009


This month has been a quite chaotic month for me. went to Indonesia for a conference which end up i suffered hives all over my body. until today, the hives still itchy n i guess i need to see the doctor for the third times and ask him to jab me. huarghhhhh..takut!!! (hahaha..serius takut).

and i've been busy attending wedding invitations from frens n kazens (yg mane ade gak yg x dpt nak gi..sori eh..) n also im busy thesising (yer murid2..perkataan baru arini ialah thesising=sedang membuat thesis..hehe). my master project at last finish n now i can continue writing my thesis. i have started writing my thesis since January but my sv keep on adding things into the project which i understand why (dan sy redha walaupun tension..hahaha) n at last my sv said, "ok arina sy nak nex week awk hntr sume chapter yg da siap pd sy".

ooo..how excited i was when i heard he said something like dat. seriously i have loose faith to continue writing my thesis. for months i've been thinking what if i have to extend for one more semester just because i need to write my thesis. it's normal but then i have my own target to finish my master before August n pursue my PhD (insyallah).

people keep on asking me, "why u keep on study? don't i have any feelings to have my own money? buy my own house and car?". yes. it makes me wondering sometimes and at d same time makes me feel guilty because when im not working i don't have fixed income like other of my friends who has worked. of course i do want to have a lot of money. n how sometimes i wish i could support my family financially but i believe i will reach at dat point by some persistence.

some of my friends even said dat i don't have a mission. "study and study. u have no vision!", he said. i just smile with a pain in my heart. but then i just love study. i'm not a bookworm but i just love learn new things. it's my passion.

and now, i'm in a dilemma wat to do after i finish my master. i want to continue my PhD but due to the things that happened to me lately, i think i need to work. huuu.. how devastating i felt.. but i belief for one thing. God will always lead me to the right and the best path :) so i keep the smile on my face. leave the rest to Allah *wink*


moon said...

arina cane slab? da dpt? study tp stil leh kompol duit kan? :) ta pun apply la jd lect kat mane2 univ after master ni. utm ke. hehehe

nurarinab said...

xde bukak lg lah moon..tgh tunggu gak ni nk aply sbb mstr da nk abes.bln8 ni abes da scholar..utm ade nk cr org ke?kalo ade nk aply lah..

moon said...

setakat ni tade pla dorg bukak intervew tuk cr org. tp arina leh contact HOD department math kot tanye kalo dorg na org kan. leh bagi resume trus kat HOD

nurarinab said...

ok2..tq moon..nanti arina tgk k.. :)

Shuena said...

ure in a right track! keep it up!

nurarinab said...

thanx anna..yerp..org2 mcm korg nilah bt smgt nk blaja berkobar lg..


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