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Friday, June 5, 2009

Sue n Her New Born Baby Harris

Ok at last, what we've been waiting for arrived.. yeepie!! today, i woke up late. Around 8am (itu pun kak dila kejut risau x bgn2 dak ni..hehe). so i took a bath, iron my cloth n packed all my stuff before i go to d office. then i received dis one mms,

"hi..baby mohd harriz nazli selamat tiba ke dunia pada 5/6/09, 7.27am di kota bharu medical centre..syukur.. :)"

i was so xcited. at last sue has delivered her baby safely. actually she's been admitted to d hospital yesterday. being induced by d doctor since d baby doesn't want to come out from his mummy belly. he's too comfortable in there i guess..hehe..cute baby H. so mummy start to feel d pain since 3pm yesterday and only delivered baby H today at 7am. then at 10am, sue sent me mms of baby H. he is so cute, so chubby n look healthy ;). i was driving at dat time n went i received d mms, i called her n asked her how was d 'delivering' process. she said it's painful n she think she will wait for another 4 or 5 years before she delivers again.. guess it must b so painful.

baby H weigh 3.3kg (he is healthy..ooo u cute little angel) n im looking forward to c baby H in person. he is my new hearthrob..hehehe. think sue will only come back to Klang on July but it's ok. i will wait for u guys. n here is a pic of baby H n his mummy.

and Sue, im so glad u finally got ur little angel n have become a mum. now u have a complete family. i wish u all d best. can't wait to see u in ur sexy bods again..hehehe..now u can be a sexy mum..
p/s: semoga baby H menjadi anak ys soleh..amin.. :)

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