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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something simple

When i heard she's been admitted to hospital due to her heart problem, i was shocked. I just read her blog. and she was informing everybody about a song dat she gonna put in her new movie. i adore her so much especially on her movies and tv ads. i met her twice. never talked to her but i know she was a good person. not so long after dat, i heard bout her death news. can't believe it. she just post a blog and suddenly she's not here. i always adore someone who can deliver such a beautiful message to other peoples in a very beautiful way. isn't it great when u can learn and always remind yourself bout something. sometimes it just a small thing like be nice to your parents. when i said be nice to your parents, im sure people won't feel anything. but how yasmin deliver it in a 30seconds tv ads. it's amzing rite. i remember those time when everybody waiting for petronas raya ads bcos everybody loves the message she's delivered. yup, im one of her fan.

Dear Yasmin Ahmad,
Semoga roh kamu dicucuri Rahmat dan semoga segala pengajaran dan iktibar yang kamu berikan, ada ganjaran buat kamu di sana.

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