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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baju Kurung

Looking for a baju kurung to wear on my engagement day from the net. End up i found more interesting design for me to wear on my akad day (lambat lagi k..hahaha). from there i got some idea on how my dress will look like on my wedding day. basically, below is the idea. i just want something simple n sweet on that day. something comfortable for me to wear the whole day. i really2 want to wear a robe during my akad. not a loose one but it should be more like a dress but since it has a long sleeve i prefer to call it as a robe.

i just love the sketch of this wedding robe..isn't it pretty??

ooo this is gorgeous. maybe with some beads on it. how lovely is that. i have in mind already what material i want to use for this one. then i search some more for baju kurung malaysia which i might use for my engagement day n i end up with this.

Perfect for my engagement (=^u^=)

This is perfect!!! just perfect for my engagement. it's simple n sweet n gorgeous!! i love it. so guess i'm done with the design. i just need a tailor n material for it.. hello! is anybody out there could help me with this??

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