C o m e A n d J o i n M e =)

Monday, August 10, 2009

i am me

He dunno how to play guitar but my mr Adham loves to dedicate me songs. Songs that i never heard before with beautiful lyrics. ooo how i'm in love with u mr Adham. How i wish u know i'm so deeply in love with u. for always wipe my tears when i cry. for always make me laugh when u know im so stress out. for always support me when i need it. for always be patient when im having my PMS. for loving me unconditionally because of me n i love u too..so much mr Adham :)


c h e n g said...

so should i learn to play guitar..its better if i learn to play piano..can play you lullaby everyday.. =)

nurarinab said...

both b!!both :P

adreen said...

aku pandai gitar..nanti aku ngn dak2 ni main time wedding korang..amacam?kugiran tangkak feat pakcik kompang

nurarinab said...

nak!nak!jgn lupe tau main ms aku kawen :)


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