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Monday, August 10, 2009

Lalalala..Done! :)

Last weekend i went back to jb to meet my mum n help her with 'some' thing. I just remembered something while i was in Johor. Cheng's mom gave me a kain which she bought in Bandung last month. So why not i just use that kain for my engagement. It's creme in colour and it's plain. So all i need to do is sew beads on it. Well, guess wat.. Mrs Yap helped me with the baju kurung moden (thank u mrs Yap!! :) ) and i'm in the progress of sewing beads on it.

this is my half work. think will finish sewing the beads next week. wish me luck guys!!

p/s: btw, makngah gave me a set of kain which i think suitable for my engagement but dunno to use it or not..hermmm


~ SueHarriz ~ said...

hihi..b..dah nk raya ni kan. b amek upah jahit manik ah kat baju su. kkeekekekkekekeeee..

nurarinab said...

hehe..bole sue..pas ry a tpnye ;) ni mak b pn krm 3 helai bj die utk b jaht..hehehe


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