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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Money Matters

My life has become hectic lately. I'm about to finish my master (d best part) but then I'm in the middle of life where things seem so complicated and hard. I'm tired of doing extra job to earn extra money. I know I need a permenant job to be stable but I just hate working. Can I just do something that I like and earn money at the same time. Maybe just work as a photographer where people and organization pays me for my photos or maybe as a writer where a company pays me for my thought or just do something artistic where people just pay me for my art pieces. I love study...so much but then the pressure that I had, sometimes it just burden me. It's not the study that pressure me the most but its people around me. I just can't stand the cynical thought from them. The feeling that they left me with. Deep inside me I would feel so down that I hate myself for doing something that I love so much.

I need to do something. I have some ideas and thoughts what I'm going to do after this. It's all about money matters. Yes. Money. It's not because money can make me happy but then money can buy things that make me happy and makes people around me happy. I wish my life would be as simple as ABC. And I need to start finding a job (erkkk..) or maybe something that can earn me money..a lot of money :D Plus, I planned to get married next year so I should have a stable financial before I start a new phase of my life.

Oh Dear God, please make the path simple for me to serve my parents before I could serve my future husband. Sometimes it just hurt me knowing I still depend on my parents at this age. Sighhh.. Only God knows how I felt about this. Thank God I have You by my side.


adreen said...

ko dah abis master,pas2 ko kerja.time ko kerja..mula2 ko akan cari keadaan untuk fit.bt everything seems to be okay.untill ko akan diuji.

masa tu ko rasa sesak sket.tapi dgn adanya abng cheng auw auw..ko still breath..money matters the most. aku pon penah lari bajet...jgn tipu la saper tak pernah sengkek.pinjam duit...bla bla bla.dets normal.tapi klu pandai cari duit dan ko dah lalui keperitan semua semua.mesti ko akan lebih wise dan duit pon akan bertambah-tambah

nurarinab said...

thanx pelik..betul a pe ko ckp tu..skrg pn da terasa peritnye gak..aku pn xnk hrpkn pd abg cheng sgt..die pn ade komitmen lain..tp stil kitorg need each other.sdkt sbyk die mnolg aku gak..hopefully aku mampulah mengharung sume ni n akn lbh mudah..nk tunggu stable tulah yg aku xtau lrt ke x..huhuhu


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