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Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank you

Have u ever thought, how to know if someone is truly love u or not? I do and i think most people are too. I used to think and am still thinking about it actually. I think this is a common thing to happen to most of a life creature on earth called humans. but then, as i grew up i realize something, if u met someone who loves u so much (u will know if someone loves u so much..deep down in ur heart u know n u can feel it..believe me) n he/she cares n loves u more than anything, do u have to hesitate the love that he/she gave? NO. If we only think about his or her love to u only, then u can never satisfied urself. have u ever thought on how's ur love for her or him. Thinking of how much you should be loved will only make u a selfish person. And that is why we have to learn APPRECIATE. appreciating someone's love n care will make u n others a better person. And yes Mr Adham, u have thought me this. And I'm lucky to be loved by u.

Thank you..
Thank you for everything

Thank God I found you

(No..you found me actually..hahaha)
I'm happy with you
And wish everything will be fine till the end
Lots of love & care

1 comment:

adreen said...

the fray ehh.apsal x ajak aku..cehh


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