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Ammar Mohd Saufian

Pagi ni aku terjumpa satu quote. Manusia berubah dan semua benda dalam dunia ni berubah. So rasanya memang betullah tu. Even aku nak komplen2 org sekeliling aku berubah, aku sure diorg pun rasa aku berubah jugak. Cuba kadang2 perubahan tu baik n kadang2 perubahan jadi tak baik. Kadang2 perubahan bole buat kite rapat dengan seseorang n kadang bole buat kite makin jauh. Cakap pasal perubahan, aku teringat pada seorang sahabat. Nama dia Ammar. Maybe adalah pembaca2 blog ni yg kenal sape Ammar.

Aku dengan Ammar kawan rapat masa final year kat uni. Kitorg kenal since dr matriks. Kaki menyakat, hari2 kena kutuk dgn die. kitorg lain2 kos. die fizikal, aku hayat. tapi sbbkn aku ari2 kena teman azliana berdating n mamat ni pun ade skali berdating dgn awek die kat lib, so trpaksalah ari2 dgr die mengutuk aku n jgn ingt aku x bls kutukan die tu, aku balas ok..hehehe..n slalunye ammar kalah (nsb baik ni blog sinri..hehehe)

Abes matriks los contact. takde sbb nk contact die pun. Even ari2 jumpa kat …

Fabrics & Cards

Last weekend I went hunting for my wedding dress fabric. We didn't buy anything. I found a fabric. It's perfect for my wedding dress. Mr fiance also agreed with me but then the fabric is valid for only 2 metres. So I called mom. To ask her suggestion. She asked me to hold the thought. Asked me to come home and see the fabrics there. I agreed. So I think I will go hunt the fabrics later with mr fiance.

love the color, beads & design of the flower

Just check out some website for invitation card. And I just found a nice invitation card design for as low as RM0.25 ( You guys out there who wants to get married but has a limited budget, just check out this website. I'm sure you will satisfied with this website.You won't believe how pretty their cards for a price as low as RM0.25!


Mummy came to KL last thursday. we visited makngah before she perform her Haj. I hope things will be smooth for her there Insyallah. After visit Makngah, we went to Jalan Tar. Stayed there until Saturday before mummy went home. I bought some stuffs for my dulang hantaran. Mr fiance came on Friday. Accompany me n yayang to our fren's brother's wedding.I planned to go hunt for my nikah dress material tommorrow. I have aimed few beaded-chiffon materials for my akad day. Kak effi said she could help me with the dress (I'm so happy bout that). Will make another appointment with her to discuss about the design and everything. Hope she will be the make up artist on my W-day too.Hope things will be better and better everyday! :) and just check out some website for kad hantaran and I fell in love with the cards..If i get cheaper price for this one, then I will definitely go with this one.p/s: btw sue, cpt sembuh ok..

Once Upon A Time

Am not in a mood to do any preparation for my W-day. My workloads pile up. Things I thought will finish soon is not gonna happen soon. I depressed. With everything around me. I'm tired and sick! This moment I can't just stop thinking about the past. Time when I sang under big trees in front of my house with my sister. Cycling in front of our house down the road. Play bubbles at the backyard with my brother and sisters. How I miss those time so much. Nothing in my mind except play and play around. Where my world is only my parents, my siblings, my school, my friends and my cats..How i miss those time..those time are so vivid in my mind today
i miss my family so much

i'm just not ready

I'm so NOT READY...
I just can't let it go yet (sobbing)then..when will you let it go??...silence...

My Dulang Hantaran

I tried to design my own dulang hantaran and this is the result... what do you think about this??

You're as gorgeous as cake!!

I would like to put a cake as one of the dowries. Not to repeat d same mistake as on my E-day, this time I will order the cake one or two months before the wedding day. I want something as pretty as this one

or maybe as simple as this this one..simple yet so pretty!!

but then all of these cakes are 'real' wedding cakes. i need them for my dowry so a simpler one would be nice :)

Good News

Good news at last. My student and his friens willing to be my photographer on my wedding day for free!!yeepie!! (thank u so much Hazim) And i have took samples of the invitation card and they're gorgeous!! and i don't know which one to choose actually (rs nk amik sume design jer..hehe)..eippp...Mr fiance asked me to stick to this company for the invitation card (of course i will darl) and this weekend we will go hunting for the dulang hantaran detail k b :))

Moments to share

I want my wedding to be captured by some professionals so that my beautiful day could be seen by my children and grandchildren for another 30 or 40 years or maybe hundreds years..but I have a limited budget (well, i'm a student after all) so I need a fresh photographer with a talent *wink*. and suddenly (it just popped out in my mind a second ago)

"I have a student who's willing to capture the moments and my bestie who was also my cousin that could help me with this!!!!"

So i think i just need a confirmation from them (smiling)
p/s: isn't it lovely to have that kind of photoshoot?? (picture from


I just can't stop thinking about the preparations..I hope Friday will arrive fast!!! This time the theme will be purple, peach and off-white

I just love the decoration and the design of the cards..So into it =)) (from: zue's collection and pino's design)

Panick Attack!!!

Okey, recent update that I got from my mom is the wedding will be held most probably in February next year. Oh, four months to go and I haven't done anything.

1: Kursus Kahwin --- not done
2: Blood test --- not done
3: Dress --- not done
4: Venues --- not done
5: Barang hantaran --- not done
6: Dulang hantaran --- not done
7: Mak Andam --- not done
8: Katering --- not done
9: Goodie bags --- not done
10: Cards --- not done

and i know there is more than the lists up there that i need to i'm panicking..i think i should be panicking now!! So b..we should start hunting dis weekend by finding materials for dulang hantaran first (dis time i'll make sure i do the dowries myself) and maybe with buying some barang hantaran also..n register our names for kursus kahwin too..

It's Raining!

I love the smells of the rain when it pours on the land. It just reminds me to my childhood time.

Poem by Ronberge

What is it with Love
That makes me
then breaks me?
When in love
Do I truly love?
Is it really love
Or do I think that I love?
Maybe I just love being in love
Or love the idea of being in love?
I spent my whole life chasing love.
In the end the one thing I truly love
Could just be the meir pursuit of love.

p/s: it's beautiful n i just love reading it :)

The Engagement

Mula2 aku nak ucapkan terima kasih kat parents aku yg byk sgt menolong..kalo x, xtaulah mcm mn jadinye..n to my bunny, terima kasih gak. Akhirnye kite selamat bertunang.. Kalo orang tanye mcm mane perasaan pas brtunang, aku jawab xtau. hahaha. rasa mcm sama jer..cume skrg da ade cincin kat jari..ayh byk nshtkn aku ms bertunang ni n byk gak pantang larang yg org tua2 bg..jgn slalu jumpe, darah mns diorg kate. So, sebagai yg muda ni kitorg dgr n cube patuh sebole mungkin.
n pada kawan2 yang dpt hadir, terima kasih byk2 diucapkan. Aku rase kalo sape2 yg penah buat majlis, bile kawan2 dpt dtg tu rasa sronok sgt. rasa mcm diorg berusaha dr jauh utk dtg meriahkn majlis. tapi utk kawan2 yg xdpt dtg tu, xpe. Aku paham ade benda2 lain yg sbb kan korg xdpt dtg. Tp nanti kawen kena dtg tau :)

So, majlis pertunangan selesai dgn baik. Alhamdulillah. Mule takut jugak tp sume ok. Aku kelam kabut gak mule2 tapi bile smpi rmh, ayh da setelkn goodie bags, mknn n rumah pn da half siap kms. aku tggl tolg s…

am scared :S

ooopss..d time is about to come n i'm scared
hope things will be fine

things will be fine dear..don worry