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Monday, October 12, 2009

Panick Attack!!!

Okey, recent update that I got from my mom is the wedding will be held most probably in February next year. Oh, four months to go and I haven't done anything.

1: Kursus Kahwin --- not done

2: Blood test --- not done

3: Dress --- not done

4: Venues --- not done

5: Barang hantaran --- not done

6: Dulang hantaran --- not done

7: Mak Andam --- not done

8: Katering --- not done

9: Goodie bags --- not done

10: Cards --- not done

and i know there is more than the lists up there that i need to check.oh..oh..now i'm panicking..i think i should be panicking now!! So b..we should start hunting dis weekend by finding materials for dulang hantaran first (dis time i'll make sure i do the dowries myself) and maybe with buying some barang hantaran also..n register our names for kursus kahwin too..


ELLY said...

Hehehe.....congrat erk dah b'tunang....t'miss lak nak baca citer engagement day awk....arini baru baca....hehe....wahhh Feb next year erk dah nak kawen....best nyer....nanti update la erk citer kat mana awk tempah kad, hantaran & lain2....coz sye maybe kawen jun nx year....so bleh wat panduan.....hehe....anyway, don worry ur big day will be so beautiful as u wish.....InshaAllah.....

nurarinab said...

ok..bole2..nanti sume arina update dlm ni..congrats gak elly!!!nk kawen nant jgn lupe jmpt tau :)


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