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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Mummy came to KL last thursday. we visited makngah before she perform her Haj. I hope things will be smooth for her there Insyallah. After visit Makngah, we went to Jalan Tar. Stayed there until Saturday before mummy went home. I bought some stuffs for my dulang hantaran. Mr fiance came on Friday. Accompany me n yayang to our fren's brother's wedding.

I planned to go hunt for my nikah dress material tommorrow. I have aimed few beaded-chiffon materials for my akad day. Kak effi said she could help me with the dress (I'm so happy bout that). Will make another appointment with her to discuss about the design and everything. Hope she will be the make up artist on my W-day too.

Hope things will be better and better everyday! :) and just check out some website for kad hantaran and I fell in love with the cards..If i get cheaper price for this one, then I will definitely go with this one.

p/s: btw sue, cpt sembuh ok..

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