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I feel betrayed

Once again

But this time...I cannot do anything (pity me)

Sweet Memories

I miss...

the smell of home..

my siblings laughter.. my perfect family..

my home..

my posivitive thinking attitude..

the silence in the morning..

the peaceful thought..

the no worries day..

the 'old' me..

the good old days..

they are just memories & that's why I miss them

Just another great weekend :)

I'm back!!!At last..This weekend has been a blast weekend..We have got the Pre-wed certificate. So now we can proceed to buy all necessary forms, complete it and get merried!!!yeay!!

The pre-wed course..well, first i thought it will be boring n tiring but then it was fun..super-fun! hahaha..Not only bcause of the first night story (It is actually..hahaha) but the info n knowledge that all ustadzes (plural kan..hahaha) was very new n so useful that we thought we might go again to the pre-wed course before we got married (hahaha).

There is this one ustadz. he is young, i think his age is around 30 but i think he gave the most informative and most remembering info to all of us. Not to mention his look..he looks just like Farid Kamil. My new friend beside me agree with me. Most of them told us that marriage is not easy as we thought. So be prepared with what is waiting for us in the future (beb..scary nye).

The key is to always have a good communication. If u have something in m…

went well

Finally..finally..At last I found a solution for my Statistical problem..Thank you God!!Syukur sesangat..One more to go..So this weekend I will concentrate on writing my thesis n finalise everything..Seriously I feel burden with all of these. Starting writing my thesis since January..Until today I haven't finish adding 'things' in my project..Yelah, da menulis ni barulah nmpk lobang2 yg kena ditampal tu..Well, I think after this I can submit my thesis, Please God, couldn't take this anymore..huhuhu..sob..sob..sob..Saya nak prepare untuk wedding saya plak :(Tommorrow will go back to JB. Wedding course on Saturday & Sunday..Seram n ade gak ni..Will go hunt for nikah dress material. Kak Effi already reminds me to send her the fabric asap. She got so many things to do too :( (in a dilemma actually to design my nikah dress as a robe or kurung moden??) Will book wedding invitation this week too. So at least few things done :) that's a relief yeah??p/s: addicted to fo…

Percubaan Menjadi Fotografer Yang Berjaya

Kan ke aku pernah tulis dlm blog before ni, nak buat keje yang aku suke..Well, few benda macam dapat dilaksanakan jer (Syukur Alhamdulillah)..Sekarang aku dlm usaha nak jadi fotografer yang berjaya (tinggikan cita2??hahaha).. taklah full time tapi 12dec ni akn dapat 1st job (tq kak norly) ..hahaha..Tunang tercinta banyak bagi tips..Tiap minggu kalo die datang die akn ajr cara ambil gambar yang betul..Aku suke gambar spontan..Tunang kita tak suke gambar kena edit tapi kita suke edit gambar (sori yer tunangan..degil sungguh saya ini..hehehe). Pada aku gambar yang tak brape nk ok, kalo diedit leh nampak gempak..Well, nak tengok certain hasil kerja aku, klik sini!

p/s: jangan lupe tinggalkan komen yer :)

Honeymoon Destination

AirAsia as usual sent me their promo email. Book now for travel period from Feb2010 till April 2010 with low fares. Which I think is appropriate for my honeymoon *blushing*. I have picked few destinations. Bali, Phuket or Krabi Island. Well.. all of my choices would be an island. I just love to see the beaches, white sand, fishes... n a dinner under the stars with the sound of wave would be perfect right :) n an island is a romantic place for a newlywed too right?? *blush* .He wanted to do Europe backpack traveling actually but I think it's better if we hold the thought & start with nearer places for instead. Plus our budget is limited and owh come on..this is our first honeymoon darl...

Krabi Island..A friend recommended us to go to this island..Now I could see why (=^o^=) Bali Island!!! 1 of the most famous & beautiful island in the world

Phuket Island..Just look at this picture & u know why I wanted to go to this place so much ;)

If we can't go to these islands, t…

Leather Shop

Seronok!Yesterday siti came by, just to look at my trays and she said it's pretty :) :) Thank you Siti! Went out with Prof Sazaly for lunch at Amcorp Mall, passed by a leather shop. I always wanted to see all the leather stuff in there. It's a LEATHER SHOP. So I never walk in there cause I'm scared with the price. But yesterday, gagahkan diri masuk and..........the price is very2 reasonable. Will go hunt for mr fiance's shoes there. I can't remember the name of the shop but you guys can drop by and look for d one and only leather shop at level 2. p/s: At least can buy him shoes and toilettries for this month! :) :)

And I miss you

I miss you Mr Pandabear!!!

Heart you!!!!

Untuk Peringatan Kamu: AKU TAHU APA YANG KAU TULIS!!!!

OK..Akhirnya ape yang sue kena, aku pun da terkena..Memang ade manusia dalam dunia ni yang tak sedar diuntung..Keje yang patut die buat, aku da tolg buatkan..da tu nak komplen byk tak tau malu. Muka die 'nerd' mmg x hengat tapi hati die, Masyallah..tuhan aje yang tau. Tak payahlah sebut name nye sape sbb aku tau skali skala die nyinggah gak blog ni..Bukan aku x prasan slama ni ape yang die tulis dalam blog die, tapi xdelah dalam hati aku nk concern benda yg die ckp. Die ckp aku sakit sbb byk dosa, Ok, fine..taklah aku kisah.. Mmg skt tu ujian Allah untuk kurangkan dosa kita. Then bile da start tulis mak bapak aku cerai n kuar perkataan PADAN MUKA.. ooo..dunia ni bkn manusia yg punya dan jodoh dan nasib itu ketentuan Tuhan.. Aku tak doakan tapi hidup umpama roda, ade turun naik. Kau nak kutuk aku, xpenah aku kesah tapi bile life mak bapak aku kau kutuk, silap besar beb. Doa org yang teraniya Tuhan makbulkan.Erm, aku xnak ckp lebih2, ko nak mrh lebih2 sebab ape eh??keje kau aku …

More things done!

At last, I've seen the wedding card..It's simple yet so pretty. So i just need maps from both side and then can start order the cards. I also have finish buying flowers for the trays and my hand bouquet. Just need to buy dowries for my future hubby. I think will start buy them next month. I also have finish designing the goodie bag for the guests. But still need to reconfirm the price.This upcoming weekend will survey mak andam at my hometown. What to wear, how's the make up.. Ayah recommend me to go to his friend's boutique. Will go n see how. Glad everything went well. Will have a meeting with my aunts and uncles for my wedding this weekend. Ayah has divided the works to each of them. Thank God I have them! Hope everything went well..

Hati & Keyakinan

Bile org tanye aku ready ke tak nk kawen, serius aku tak tau pe jwpn die. Ade ukuran yg tentukn kite ready ke tak untuk alam tu ke?? Aku kadang2 terdetik juga, mgkn ptt tunggu kewangan yg lebih stabil baru lah bole membina hdp baru tp ade org ckp, rezki tu tuhan lipatkan bile da brkeluarga. Aku setuju. Kite dok pikir2 mn nk tanggung diri, mane nk tanggung ank org. Tapi rezki tu kan Allah punye urusan. Kalo Tuhan kata rezki kite byk ni, byk ni lah.. kadang2 bile bekerja, gaji yg kite dpt akhir bulan, bkn sumenye rezki kite. Aku penah terbaca dalam satu artikel, die kate sebenarnye makanan yang masuk perut tu je dikire bahagian kite. Yang lain tu ada bahagian org lain cuma kite tak tau.Then bile org ckp lg, betul ke da nk kawen taun dpn? kejapnye tunang.. tak sabar sgt ke nk kawen?? Aihhh..melebihlah tu..Aah..aku tak sabar nk kawen. So??!! pada aku bkn ape, zaman bercintan cintun ni sbnrnya membanyakkn dosa aje. yang halal tu ade, nape nk mghalalkan yg haramkan? Memang kawen susah. Bany…

Hand Bouquet

First, I thought i don need a hand bouquet but when i looked through most of my blogger frens wedding pics, they include it during akad and ceremony. So, i will include d hand bouquet in my wedding. My choice would be a plastic bouquet instead of using fresh flowers. Yes, fresh flowers is prettier n nicer but then, nowadays plastic flowers made from a high quality material and wat best is i can keep it for years! too messy n crowded too

i love dis one! d combination of colors n not too large..perfecto!

dis one is also nice! simple n sweet

Help Me!!!

Today is a very tense day for me..Seriously..with wat i heard dis morning. I'm so stress out! Ayah: Ada masalah sikit hari kahwin awak? Anak: Nape yah? Ayah: Da ade org tempah dewan masa hari awk kawen tu.. Anak: ??? Gosh! I hate it..Because of this, most probably the ceremony will be held on Friday. The problem is, that Friday is Maulud and we planned to do the akad at masjid that Friday so that it would be easier for my family members and closed friends to see the akad for Masjid has a bigger space and would be more comfortable for people to see the akad. Plus, it's a best place for me and mr future hubby to start our journey (Insyallah). But....that day is Maulud. u know what's d program on Maulud. Sure there will be a majlis held at d masjid. I dont really care about d majlis. but im sure it will end around 11am or 12pm. Then men will rush to d masjid for Jumaat prayer. Actually we planned to do d akad in the evening. Around 3o'clock but with d hall dat has been booked…


YourSAVINGis running low
cut all yourUNnecessaryexpenses & save it in ur piggybank!!!

p/s: b, da x bole nak soping2 erk?? :(

Everything & Everything

Ok guys..I'm back..So las weekend, I went back to my dad's. Went to my mum's fren's daughter wedding. Sulatanah Johor attended d wedding. I guess u could imagine how big d wedding was. The tents, the throne...everything..everything looks perfect. Sori guys no pictures taken cause i don expect a big wedding as this and i don't even know the Sultanah will attend d wedding. Sulatanah came with her daughter. I can't remember her name but she is pretty. So pretty. Well, she's a princess after all.

Ok, back to my journey..I went to Ayer Itam on Saturday to buy some trays and flowers for my dulang hantaran. But guess what, price over there are much much more expensive than the one in KL. So this weekend I will go hunt all these things with mr fiance. And I got the date for my wedding. Will nikah on 26th Feb and the ceremony will be on 27th Feb. I have already jot down all details that i need to do before d big day:

- kursus kawen
- brg2 hantaran
- mak andam
- …