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Monday, November 2, 2009

Everything & Everything

Ok guys..I'm back..So las weekend, I went back to my dad's. Went to my mum's fren's daughter wedding. Sulatanah Johor attended d wedding. I guess u could imagine how big d wedding was. The tents, the throne...everything..everything looks perfect. Sori guys no pictures taken cause i don expect a big wedding as this and i don't even know the Sultanah will attend d wedding. Sulatanah came with her daughter. I can't remember her name but she is pretty. So pretty. Well, she's a princess after all.

Ok, back to my journey..I went to Ayer Itam on Saturday to buy some trays and flowers for my dulang hantaran. But guess what, price over there are much much more expensive than the one in KL. So this weekend I will go hunt all these things with mr fiance. And I got the date for my wedding. Will nikah on 26th Feb and the ceremony will be on 27th Feb. I have already jot down all details that i need to do before d big day:


- kursus kawen
- brg2 hantaran
- mak andam
- pelamin
- fotografer
- dewan
- katering
- goodies utk tetamu
- senarai tetamu
- kain untuk baju nikah

- cnfrmation from d fotografer (setel)
- cnfrmation from mak andam
- print cards
- cnfrmation for dewan
- cnfrmation katering
- borang nikah

January (should already settle at dis time)

- Baju nikah
- barang2 hantaran
- tok kadi
- goodie bags
- mak andam & wat to wear during ceremony
- venue
- lodging for guests
- katering
- sending cards

With so little time that we have and limited budget, time and money management are important. I would like to give a sugesttion to whoever that will get marry to get a notebook (buy a proper one cos u will use it until ur big day) and write all ur plans and what is needed for ur big day in it and it would be good also if u could leave some pages for name of guests. Everytime u remember a name of ur frens that u would like to invite, write it down so that u could invite everybody special on ur special day. Start writing all of ur frens name after u get engaged. I have this notebook and i carry it with me all d time so that i could do a checklist or write my fren's name whenever i remember so that i won't miss everyone on my W-day.

p/s: Watched Oprah and saw cool flashmob dance & song by BEP. check it out!

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