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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hand Bouquet

First, I thought i don need a hand bouquet but when i looked through most of my blogger frens wedding pics, they include it during akad and ceremony. So, i will include d hand bouquet in my wedding. My choice would be a plastic bouquet instead of using fresh flowers. Yes, fresh flowers is prettier n nicer but then, nowadays plastic flowers made from a high quality material and wat best is i can keep it for years!
too messy n crowded too

i love dis one! d combination of colors n not too large..perfecto!

dis one is also nice! simple n sweet


~ SueHarriz ~ said...

time sue kawen dulu, sue gune fresh flowers..time akad pink roses..time sanding red roses..sweet sgt..tp fresh flowers ni, dlm 2 ari dh busuk!! hahaa..

nurarinab said...

ye ke sue??mesti lg cntk pkai fresh flowers..yg red roses tu b tgk..cantik sgt!!!!


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