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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Help Me!!!

Today is a very tense day for me..Seriously..with wat i heard dis morning. I'm so stress out!
Ayah: Ada masalah sikit hari kahwin awak?
Anak: Nape yah?
Ayah: Da ade org tempah dewan masa hari awk kawen tu..
Anak: ???
Gosh! I hate it..Because of this, most probably the ceremony will be held on Friday. The problem is, that Friday is Maulud and we planned to do the akad at masjid that Friday so that it would be easier for my family members and closed friends to see the akad for Masjid has a bigger space and would be more comfortable for people to see the akad. Plus, it's a best place for me and mr future hubby to start our journey (Insyallah). But....that day is Maulud. u know what's d program on Maulud. Sure there will be a majlis held at d masjid. I dont really care about d majlis. but im sure it will end around 11am or 12pm. Then men will rush to d masjid for Jumaat prayer. Actually we planned to do d akad in the evening. Around 3o'clock but with d hall dat has been booked by other bride to be. we need to do d ceremony on Friday. So can u see my problem here??? warghhhhh..Guys, please give me a suggestion.

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