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Monday, November 23, 2009

Just another great weekend :)

I'm back!!!At last..This weekend has been a blast weekend..We have got the Pre-wed certificate. So now we can proceed to buy all necessary forms, complete it and get merried!!!yeay!!

The pre-wed course..well, first i thought it will be boring n tiring but then it was fun..super-fun! hahaha..Not only bcause of the first night story (It is actually..hahaha) but the info n knowledge that all ustadzes (plural kan..hahaha) gave..it was very new n so useful that we thought we might go again to the pre-wed course before we got married (hahaha).

There is this one ustadz. he is young, i think his age is around 30 but i think he gave the most informative and most remembering info to all of us. Not to mention his look..he looks just like Farid Kamil. My new friend beside me agree with me. Most of them told us that marriage is not easy as we thought. So be prepared with what is waiting for us in the future (beb..scary nye).

The key is to always have a good communication. If u have something in mind that bothering u, then speak out. Don't keep it to urself. It will only destroy u from the inside. I knew n surely cofirm that I won't 100% will remember all of this but then experience is the best lesson whether u learn it from others or from ur own mistakes *wink*

2ndly, tonight i will meet kak effi. She has the sketch of my wedding dress.. How exciting is that!!! Can't wait to meet her tonight.. :) I haven't book my wedding card..We are so busy to go to the shop. but i think things are better n better :) So wish us luck!!muahxxx

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