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Monday, November 9, 2009

More things done!

At last, I've seen the wedding card..It's simple yet so pretty. So i just need maps from both side and then can start order the cards. I also have finish buying flowers for the trays and my hand bouquet. Just need to buy dowries for my future hubby. I think will start buy them next month. I also have finish designing the goodie bag for the guests. But still need to reconfirm the price.

This upcoming weekend will survey mak andam at my hometown. What to wear, how's the make up.. Ayah recommend me to go to his friend's boutique. Will go n see how. Glad everything went well. Will have a meeting with my aunts and uncles for my wedding this weekend. Ayah has divided the works to each of them. Thank God I have them! Hope everything went well..


~ SueHarriz ~ said...

adooii busynye cik arina..xdpt le nk jupe harriz...huaaa...

nurarinab said...

ishhh..mn bole..nanti mest jmpenye dak tecik tomei tu..cubit2 pipi die nanti..gomol die puas2..hahaha


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