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Thursday, November 19, 2009

went well

Finally..finally..At last I found a solution for my Statistical problem..Thank you God!!Syukur sesangat..One more to go..So this weekend I will concentrate on writing my thesis n finalise everything..Seriously I feel burden with all of these. Starting writing my thesis since January..Until today I haven't finish adding 'things' in my project..Yelah, da menulis ni barulah nmpk lobang2 yg kena ditampal tu..Well, I think after this I can submit my thesis, Please God, couldn't take this anymore..huhuhu..sob..sob..sob..Saya nak prepare untuk wedding saya plak :(

Tommorrow will go back to JB. Wedding course on Saturday & Sunday..Seram n ade gak ni..Will go hunt for nikah dress material. Kak Effi already reminds me to send her the fabric asap. She got so many things to do too :( (in a dilemma actually to design my nikah dress as a robe or kurung moden??) Will book wedding invitation this week too. So at least few things done :) that's a relief yeah??

p/s: addicted to fotopages :))

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