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Akhirnya semua telah selesai


saja aku ltk gmbr ni sbb diorg nmpk chumel..hehehe

House for Rent

I'm looking for an apartment or town house or a house. Near UM - OUG, Klang Lama Road, PJ, Puchong, Bangsar, Cheras. The rate must be around MYR350 - RM700. If u guys know any house for rental around this area, please info me ya..

My Dream Wedding Dress

Dis weekend I went hunting for my reception dress..I duuno why but suddenly time bcome so limited that we don't have enuf time to find as many boutiques as we can..We visited five boutiques and most of them gave price ranging from RM500 - RM1200. So of course we reject the 1k and above one. If I have to pay a rental dress for 1k then I think it is better if I just buy d dress..

So at last I found this one boutique. AZ bridal boutique. d price is very reasonable. The dresses..tip-top!!!Hatiku telah jatuh cinta kepada satu dress ni..This dress is white in color and it has both combination of traditional and modern style. When I came to the boutique that night, the make up artist asked me to think about it first and even asked me to go survey at another boutique first so I could compare the prices and style. Well, I did go to another boutique but my heart already there with that dress (hahaha). I told mr fiance, I like that dress so much. So we decided to go to that boutique again an…

Rezeki yang datang bergolek :)

Ketua Bhgn Matematik: Arina, kamu nak apply tak SLAI utk PhD?
Arina: Nak! Nak!

Itu namanye rezeki..Alhamdulillah syukur (memang da terniat taknak pergi Jepun tu..tiba2 rasa mcm susah plak kalau belajar kat sana n aku percaya..slalu yakin dan percaya..Kalau Allah nak bagi rezeki di situ, macam mana susah pun akan ada jugak *double smile*)

A quarter of century

Happy Birthday Arina!!
You're 25 now

Pae's wedding

U look gorges darl!!

4 sekawan mengusik Pae

This is my best fren's wedding. She used to be my partner when we used to skydive together.. she's a very nice n d most un-selfish person i ever knew.. Pae, Semoga berbahgia ke Syurga..Love u so much!!

Birthday treat

Minggu depan besday aku..Yang ke *tuttt* (kuar sinri prkataan *tuttt* tu..hehe) So ming ni da plan dgn encik tung nk buatpe. Mcm2lah mrncgnye tp hampeh..satu pn x Jumaat tu smpt jmpe encik tung. Dgn smgtnye jmpe sbb nk suro encik tunang bagi adiah besday. Die kate surprise yg xkan aku sangka..Da mcm2 aku teka dlm seminggu tu..tapi die kate satu pn x betul. Buat aku musykil n rasa ingin tahu yang amat. So spttnye adiah besday dpt ari ahad tp tuntut ari Jumaat sbb x sabar gaban. Hahaha. (memaksa smbl trk kolar baju ok!)

Nak x nak encik tunang kn bg Jumaat tu. Bile da dpt adiah, siap xnak bukak dulu plak. rasa brdebar. Encik tunang kata bukaklah (Aksi membuka hadiah x dpt dirkmkn sbb ms tu dlm kete nk g midv n bkn brniat nk membuat sesi membuka adiah di dlm kereta) So las2 bukak. bukak slow2 sbb nk kasi tgk sket2 je..bile ngintai sket, nmpk kotak NOKIA..aku da jerit dlm kereta..OO sesi mgharukan..menjerit banyak kali smbl memeluk encik tunang (ooopss..). Da tau da adiah a…

Latest Update

My invitation card and bag for goodies layouts are done..Need to do some corrections but I'm loving it!! Mr fiance said the card look so classic but I asked the designer to change the color. I think it looks too dull..She will give two options for me to choose later. I love their warm and friendly services. Plus their design is unique and the rate is cheap too. So guys click here if you want to know more about them!

I love them!!!

Akhirnya saya dapat menemui kawan2 saya ni..walaupun quota x penuh tapi gembira sbb dapat jugak jumpe Are'h dan Sue n my lil prince charming Harriz!!!

Kawan - kawan saya yang hot! Sue da jd mama yg hot, Are'h da jd preggy mama yg hot n I hope I'm d wife to be yg hot..hahaha..Yup! We're hot babes...p/s: Hope to see u guys mase pae kawen nanti k..

I'm stuck

I'm stuck in the middle of:~ whether to apply the PhD course in Japan or not~ whether to start working or not~ whether to take the chance to become a part-time photographer with cintadanmereka or notI dunno how to make this decision..please help me!!!

Mode: rindu amat

AMARAN KERAS: jangan baca kalo tak larat nak baca..hehehe

If people ask me whether I'm happy with my mr fiance or not, I would definitely say yes. He took care of me like I'm a fragile crystal glass. On second thought, I'm more fragile than the crystal glass (hahaha). This few months, I'm not in my good condition. Physically, mentally n financially. Seriously, life has been upside down. Mr fiance would be the one who has to face all the madness n angerness. Luckily, mr fiance is so patience.
My master project suddenly gave a lot of problems. the only solution...I have to add more things in them. It's like you're trying to close a leeking hole with a cement and then when u closed one, another hole will occur. n I can't stop close all those holes (kalo x cane nak abes master kan). I was so down but thank God mr fiance was there to support me. It doesn't matter if he doesn't understand what I'm babbling about. I just need someone to listen and whispe…

Saya Gembira hari ini :)

Gembiranya saya! Kak Norly suke gmbr yg saya amik utk die!

Pre - Wed pics

Aku suke gambar2 ni

Pasti akan ku cuci n jadikan sbgi pre-wed pics kitorg..hehehe..Maksudnye adalah album baru kitorg nanti..weee!!!
p/s: B, bertabahlah! Saya sayang kamu!

My Love

Aku rindu nak balik zaman kecik2

..masa aku dgn adik2 aku main tiup2 belon blkg rumah lps balik skola..
..masa aku buat resepi baru untuk yayang cuba yang sbnrnye tak sedap tapi die puji sedap..
..masa aku dudok rumah n kena jaga adek2 aku before diorg gi skolah..
..masa kite dok kumpul ramai2 n gosip2..
..masa kite gaduh2 tarik2 rmbut..
..masa kite tunggu turn main roller blade..
..masa kite nek beskal same2..
..masa kite cite psl crush kite kat skola..
..masa kite berkongsi rahsia..
..mase kite tido same2..

Agak2nye, masa tu akn balik pada kite lg tak?? Kalo org tanye perasaan aku pd adek2 aku mcm mn, aku jwb mcm aku syg pd nyawa aku..hilang diorg mcm melayanglah jiwa aku..serius aku sayang adek2 aku. Allah aje yang tau. Org yang membesar dgn aku dr kecil sampai dewasa, yang aku tau kalo aku gaduh dgn diorg, akan baik semula mcm biasa. Yang aku pasti kalo aku susah, akan berusaha dan nangis same2 dgn aku. Yang aku tau, kalo aku nak buat sesuatu, akan slalu jd pengikut aku yg setia kat belakang…

Settle with MK Andam! :)

Went to the bridal boutique..thank god is not her who i thought make over d bride like a gothic..her make up is quite nice. she showed me her plan. she will design for me a new dais but her not really into it..Maybe I will rent a dress for my reception from another botique. So, I'm settle with my mak andam n pelamin..huh..relief!Took a kitten from Panjang's mum..very2 adorable n cute!but sadly I have to leave her with nice ok! gonna miss u alot! :'(

Make up Artist

Right now i'm worry about how will i look like during my big day. My fren send me few options of Mak Andam in BP n i don't like it..Seriously..mcm pondan die mekap..huhu..They said men are better than women for bridal make up artist. I don't have so much time. This weekend I will go back to BP to find 'mak andam' n I'll make sure they do trial make up session for me. (Manalah nak cari jurumekap pro mcm Nurul Shukor kat BP tu..huhuhu..)

This is one of the results from the BP's mak andam. I don't understand why does she has to put that black eye shadow..HELLO!!! this make up is for a wedding not a gothic concert! It's too dramatic for a wedding babeh!!a big NO for me..pic from

I need something like this..flawless n simple yet so pretty right?? (cantiknye!cantiknye!maybe I should print this picture and show them that I want something like this)

Though she's wearing heavy accessories but she's make up is perfect or maybe bco…

PhD options

Yesterday would be a blast day for me..Dr G confirmed that I can proceed my thesis to the next step which is checking my grammar n I have booked my wedding invitations and goodie bags. oh..oh..n also, I have met Kak Effi, she measured me for my nikah dress n will go shop for the fabrics nex week..yeepie! n wats more, she does it for free..she said its a present from her to me..Thank u Kak Effi..That was very toughtful of you :) So before I met Kak Effi yesterday, there is a sorry note from POSLAJU in front of my house door. the one that they send to u if there is nobody at home during the delivery. So, today i pick up the package and guess what, it's the application forms for my PhD program in Japan. WoW!!!I'm happy to receive it but then I'm stuck in the middle of to apply or not to apply.. :(

they have to evaluate me??oopss..

Mr Fiance wants me to dad don't want me to dunno..sounds fun but..well..its Japan..they talked native language n i onl…

More & more things done!

At last I have booked the wedding invitation and bags for goodies. Though I have to change the color of the card because of the budget limitance, but I'm glad I've made it and I still got my favorite design =)Now off to kak Effi for nikah dress..double smile!!!p/s: Dr G kate da bole anta for grammar check & some part of mr fiance project has finished!!!!yeay!!!!d best good news for today!

Hari melawat Melaka bersejarah

Ari jumaat as korg tau aku g tgk Along nikah. Disebabkan tdo AG, sabtu tu aku ajk tunangan lawat2 Melaka. Walaupun saya ni org Malaysia, sumpah A Famosa x penah sampai. hahaha. Malu nye nk ckp sy rakyat Malaysia. tapi aku tau Malaysia berbangga ade aku sebagai rakyat die. auwww gitu..haha.

muke orang beriya nk makan..hehehe

So ari sabtu pg2 aku bangun. Tunangan pn x bgn lg. tapi aku da bgn. die tertonggeng dpn tv. Memang burok k. (walaupun tu tunang, aku ngaku mmg burok die tdo tertonggeng..hahaha..sori b). Lepas tolong2 mak tunang buat srpn, kitorg pn kuar. Mula2 skali pegi A Famosa. masa tu da pukul 12. Matahari terpacak di ats kepala. Padahal before tu ujan. so kitorg ingt akn redup2lah. tapi sampai je A Famosa kat ats bukit tu, pnjt tangga sume berat mmg da trn 5kilo ok. Panas! mulut aku ni start lah ngomel2 sbb panas. Tunangan dgrkan je. Sian die kn tadah telinga dgr. Sempatlah tpnye kitorg amik gambar sinri mcm org syok sinri. Cameraman xde tp kitorg gune tong sampah di sekeliling…

Raya Haji tahun ini

Raya haji kali ni aku tak balik johor..First time raya haji aku tak balik johor..Sobbbbbbbbbbb..Ibu datang KL, ayah pegi CH. So akhirnya aku decide utk ke Melaka, beraya bersama tunangan sinri. Hari Jumaat tu, aku da beli tiket bas. Tiket ke AG pukul 1030 pagi. Nak amik pukul 830 takut mata ni tak bukak lg time tu. Karang pegi pudu dgn bau yg harum, aku taknak amik risk. Sampai pudu, ingtkan umat2 da kurg..maklumlah pagi raya tp rupenye sangkaan salah. Seramai2 umat dalam tu. Sume tgh mkn tahu bakar..hahaha..mestilah tunggu bas. Adohhh, aku da start nak muntah, udara terasa penuh dgn CO2 dan CO aje. kepala nk pitam, jgn aku tumbang sudah. Aku gi kedai yg berhampiran. beli air mineral sebotol n buah mangga potong. aku mkn sepotong..em, sedap..sedar2 da abes seplastik. Aku tgk jam. pukul 1015. Baik aku pegi tgk bas. takut trlps.

Sampai bawah, bas ade 2 bijik je. aku tgk no plat bas. takde lg bas aku. tibe2 kat blkg aku nmpk bas aku tp mslhnye da penuh..erk???aku hairan..mcm mn bole penuh…