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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Make up Artist

Right now i'm worry about how will i look like during my big day. My fren send me few options of Mak Andam in BP n i don't like it..Seriously..mcm pondan die mekap..huhu..They said men are better than women for bridal make up artist. I don't have so much time. This weekend I will go back to BP to find 'mak andam' n I'll make sure they do trial make up session for me. (Manalah nak cari jurumekap pro mcm Nurul Shukor kat BP tu..huhuhu..)

This is one of the results from the BP's mak andam. I don't understand why does she has to put that black eye shadow..HELLO!!! this make up is for a wedding not a gothic concert! It's too dramatic for a wedding babeh!!a big NO for me..pic from yatstouch.fotopages.com

I need something like this..flawless n simple yet so pretty right?? (cantiknye!cantiknye!maybe I should print this picture and show them that I want something like this)

Though she's wearing heavy accessories but she's make up is perfect or maybe bcos she's pretty..hahaha

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