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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mode: rindu amat

AMARAN KERAS: jangan baca kalo tak larat nak baca..hehehe

If people ask me whether I'm happy with my mr fiance or not, I would definitely say yes. He took care of me like I'm a fragile crystal glass. On second thought, I'm more fragile than the crystal glass (hahaha). This few months, I'm not in my good condition. Physically, mentally n financially. Seriously, life has been upside down. Mr fiance would be the one who has to face all the madness n angerness. Luckily, mr fiance is so patience.

My master project suddenly gave a lot of problems. the only solution...I have to add more things in them. It's like you're trying to close a leeking hole with a cement and then when u closed one, another hole will occur. n I can't stop close all those holes (kalo x cane nak abes master kan). I was so down but thank God mr fiance was there to support me. It doesn't matter if he doesn't understand what I'm babbling about. I just need someone to listen and whisper a magic word "Everything will be okay dear..".

God has been listening to my prayer. I asked him for a man who could lead me n my kids to the right path, who could look after me n my kids, who could love me through all my life but God knows everything better than us. He gave me a better man. I love u darl...so much! Thank u for everything...

p/s: tak sabar nak tunggu nex wknd..kite ronggeng2 k!

One said:

It's better to be nobody with a good heart than to be somebody with an evil heart

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