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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Dream Wedding Dress

Dis weekend I went hunting for my reception dress..I duuno why but suddenly time bcome so limited that we don't have enuf time to find as many boutiques as we can..We visited five boutiques and most of them gave price ranging from RM500 - RM1200. So of course we reject the 1k and above one. If I have to pay a rental dress for 1k then I think it is better if I just buy d dress..

So at last I found this one boutique. AZ bridal boutique. d price is very reasonable. The dresses..tip-top!!!Hatiku telah jatuh cinta kepada satu dress ni..This dress is white in color and it has both combination of traditional and modern style. When I came to the boutique that night, the make up artist asked me to think about it first and even asked me to go survey at another boutique first so I could compare the prices and style. Well, I did go to another boutique but my heart already there with that dress (hahaha). I told mr fiance, I like that dress so much. So we decided to go to that boutique again and book my dream wedding dress on d next day (o^u^o)

D day arrived, before we go to the boutique, I messaged the girl who attend us during our first visit but she didn't reply d message. Later dat evening, she replied my message telling me she was busy d whole day. I asked her whether I could come to her boutique that night but she said they're closed. I can't go to the boutique on the next day bcos I have to go back to KL. So I have to postpone it to next weekend. I hope dis time I could try the dress (=^u^=) and owh btw, Linda Jasmin & Que Haidar, Beego and Faizal Hussein also used their services during their reception in JB. (more info bout them klik 'here')

this is linda jasmin during her reception at JB using AZ

Then On Saturday's night, I met our wedding photographer who is also Kak Arina's hubby. It is so easy to deal with him and discuss about what we want for our wedding ang he gives us a very2 reasonable price..tq..tq..n more tq to Kak Arina, Abg Nizam & Adlan tomei :)

this is one of his many beautiful shots :) (pics from Nizam photographic)

So, ALhamdulillah..most of the wedding preparation are done :)


Riena said...

cantik2 baju tuu...
az bridal based in Johor ek?
jauh la pulak kalau nk pi sana..
kalau KL ni mmg byk mahal2

nurarinab said...

mmg cntk2 rina..lain dr yg lain bj die..KL pn byk lawa2 tp tulah..mahal kan??x try amik pakej?pakej lg murh sbnrnyer..

Miss Anggunsz said...

wah.. bestnye.. good for u.. need a hand just let me know k babe.. teeheehee

nurarinab said...

okie dokie.. :)


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