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Friday, December 4, 2009

PhD options

Yesterday would be a blast day for me..Dr G confirmed that I can proceed my thesis to the next step which is checking my grammar n I have booked my wedding invitations and goodie bags. oh..oh..n also, I have met Kak Effi, she measured me for my nikah dress n will go shop for the fabrics nex week..yeepie! n wats more, she does it for free..she said its a present from her to me..Thank u Kak Effi..That was very toughtful of you :)

So before I met Kak Effi yesterday, there is a sorry note from POSLAJU in front of my house door. the one that they send to u if there is nobody at home during the delivery. So, today i pick up the package and guess what, it's the application forms for my PhD program in Japan. WoW!!!I'm happy to receive it but then I'm stuck in the middle of to apply or not to apply.. :(

they have to evaluate me??oopss..

Mr Fiance wants me to go..my dad also..mom don't want me to go..me??I dunno..sounds fun but..well..its Japan..they talked native language n i only know Arigato..hahaha..maybe i should learn sign language :P Maybe i should just fill the forms n while waiting for them to reply, I could think again bout this one, no?

What do u guys think??


bintiegenxyz said...

arina g r!
pastu klu aku de rezeki, bley jln sn...ahaha.

nurarinab said...

hahaha..bole bintie..insyallah..kalo ade rezki mest aku g..n bole ko dtg :)

~ SueHarriz ~ said...

huaaaa..b sies ke nk tggal kitorg sume nehh..huhuu

nurarinab said...

x tau lg sue..b sdg brpkr2 lg..nanti jmpe kite stori2 k :)


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