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Monday, December 7, 2009

Settle with MK Andam! :)

Went to the bridal boutique..thank god is not her who i thought make over d bride like a gothic..her make up is quite nice. she showed me her plan. she will design for me a new dais but her dresses..im not really into it..Maybe I will rent a dress for my reception from another botique. So, I'm settle with my mak andam n pelamin..huh..relief!

Took a kitten from Panjang's mum..very2 adorable n cute!but sadly I have to leave her with ayah..be nice ok! gonna miss u alot! :'(


RoZiA aHmAd said...

Wow...Ambik butik pengantin yg mana satu?

nurarinab said...

butik yg dkt bus stand..tp baju die kureng sketlah..huhuhu..maybe sewa luar kot bajunyer..

RoZiA aHmAd said...

kenapa x g servey dulu. BP pn byk butik pengantin tau. mesti kt butik kwn ayah awk, butik suraya


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