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Saturday, January 9, 2010

D Trial

So as i told before, dis weekend i will do my trial make-up and yeah it is important to do a trial before ur big day. First i tot i will wear grey for my reception in BP but then after i tried few dresses i choose a white dress for my reception since for my nikah i will wear a purple robe *wink*..

when my mak andam ask me whether i want a thick or simple make up, i told her i want a simple one so she said she will highlight my eyes. So d trial begin. Yes, I like d base for my face. it looks so natural (im sorry i cant put d pics in dis blog..wait till my big day ya!) but then when it comes to d eyes part, OOO GOD!! she put a black eye shadow..BLACK EYE SHADOW people!!!Goshh, i told u guys in my previous entry how much i hate black eye shadow on a big day. yes u can use a black eye shadow but not like im going to a gothic concert..huargggg..i feel like crying.. So i told her dat i dont like d black eye shadow. my dress will be white in color so please don wear me a black eye shadow. i want it to be as simple as it can be.

dis look better than mine..huhuhuhu

she told me dat she tot i will wear grey on dat day n dat is why she used a black eye shadow..ooo..please..dat is not a good excuse.even if i wear grey, u should use a lighter color. dark grey n matte grey would be perfect. So, she try to cover d black eye shadow with some foundation but of course d black will still look obvious n she paint a brown eye shadow on d black eye shadow dat has been covered by a foundation. it looks nicer but then still..it looks dark n it doesn't look natural at all..Huarghhh!!!I hate dis part!!

So I call my dad to come n see d 'after' look. He 'laughs' which i know he doesn't like it too..n d mak andam told him dat maybe she should put more blusher on my chin bcos she thinks its not thick enough n i was like "WHAT d h***??!!" n my dad said, "NO..NO..dis is thick enuf" n i was save by d bell.fiuhhh.. n before i went home i told her to use brown on my W-day. n she said maybe she should mix it with gold. n i was like "Hell NO!!!" but i only say it in my heart..(hahaha) but i did told her to use bronze instead of gold..i like bronze...*GRINCH*


MyNameIsdD said...

Mesti tgh pening2 eh skg nih nk setel all these things. Hang in there, Arina. Hopefully everything will go smoothly for u guys. I'm sure things will turn out fine in the end and we'll be looking at one all smily, super gorgeous pair of lovebirds this coming february :-)

nurarinab said...

tau xpe..da segan nk tegur mak andam byk2 tp hrp2 oklah masa kawen tu..n korg kn dtg k majlis arina tu :)


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