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Monday, January 4, 2010

do it right

Last weekend, we have try the wedding dress though we faced few circumstances but things are settle with the wedding dress (grinch) I like it so much..First I thought I look fat in them but then mum n mr fiance convinced me that I look fabulous in them. that will do I guess..hehe. So this weekend I will do a trial make up for my reception in BP. I know some of us scared to ask for trial from their make up artist but believe me, u have to. n whatsmore, u pay them so it's ur right to ask them for a trial. And guys u should also reconsidering to bring a photographer along with u to snap ur 'before n after' look. and please make sure the photographer is d same person dat can snap ur 'before n after' look during ur big day :) just for a precaution.

I can't believe only few weeks left before I become someone's wife. :) Btw, thousand of goodies have arrived at my cousin's house. I haven't pick it up n haven't see it also (not even a sneak peek..hehe) But I believe in Ayah's choice. So, now I just need to clear up with the documentation and HIV test.


Riena said...

arina... wedding awak bila ek?
oowwhh ya ya tadi kasi card event kat fb kan..ok ok sorry..ehehehe

nurarinab said...

hehehe..dtg yer jgn x dtg :)


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