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Monday, January 18, 2010


I've seen d haus with mr fiance. though d haus is small but im hepi cos it wil b d first haus where im gonna start my life as a wife n have my family lived in there. will move in to d new haus dis weekend. right now, im bz packing all my stuff. last sunday we went to ikea to get some ideas for our new haus. most of d concept for a small space is to use build in cabinet. they look nice n organisable but sometimes d pice is too pricey for something so simple...hmmm n i heard from some people dat ikea's quality is not as good as its price. Well..u will never knew until u try it rite plus i love d design (degilnye ini budak.. :P )

saya mmg suke pax cabinet :)

though dis table is pricey but i need sumting like dis for my dining table

dis is our new rocking chair for d living hall :) so comfortable n bkn dibeli di ikea yer..hehe

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