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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Know When A Man Loves You

I miss my Pandabear but hey, here is some tips on how u may know if a guy really in love with u

*he Callss ya all the tyme just to Chck Up On U

*he Cares bout your every need

*he alwayz tells ya how much U mean to him and how much he loves U, how his life would be empty had it been without U

*the way he looks deep into your eyes either when U two are bout to kiss Or during intimate moments together

*how he Caresses U, holds your hand in his, hugs and laughs at your every lil joke even if it aint funny, not that a girl Should be making jokes Cheesy

*he alwayz Says Sorry even if it was your fault, which iS alwayz So

*the way he Smiles, brightens at the Very Sight Of U

p/s: Does ur man has dis kind of symptoms??cos mine do *wink*


fikaryna said...

en.fika setiap hari tepon dari kejauhan..memesan syg jgn nakal yer..yer ler..huhu..( dari ctu saya tau dia syg saya..hehe )

nurarinab said...

haha..ye kite serupa :)

zac zirwan said...

tp ade jgak lelaki pemalu =P

nurarinab said...

hehehe..ye ke??


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