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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Some people they just said they hate u but actually they adore u

They talked at d back of u but actually they try to follow u in every way

They try to find something bad about u so that they could ease their JEALOUSY but in d end they are badder (xde perkattan ni yer..haha) than u

*Bile pikir2 blk rs mcm kelakar pun ade gak*

*note to sue: kdg2 xtau nape ade org mcm ni yg wujud kan sue??n i think u wil understand d most how does it feels?? (rs annoyed yg amat ok..kalo bole ku lempang, akan ku lempang dan tappakkan kasut tumitku ke mukamu)*


~ SueHarriz ~ said...

mmg ramai orang GILA n u know who. hahaaaa

nurarinab said...

hahaha..yup2..rmai org GILA yg bole buat kite nek giler jgk..


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