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Monday, January 25, 2010

Please respect HIM

Okey this is something that I realize when I distribute my wedding card. Some of them simply or without realizing it, place it under their ass. Yes, some just throw it on the floor or maybe it falls on the floor and then without realizing it, they stepped on it. Okey this is not because I'm sad when u stepped on my card (yes..I am sad actually) or give ur ass to it but did u realize dat in every invitation card, they got this section called 'doa untuk pengantin' and most of it will begin with 'Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku'. Please people, respect the god's name. People always forgot about it. It is a sin for you and for me too. And please, if u do want to throw the card, cancel the god's name with black marker or just burn it. Show our respect to HIM.


Dayu said...

tu sbb org sekarang ramai yg dha kuarkan doa2 yg ada nama 'Allah' ni..

nurarinab said...

betul2..ptt xpyh ltk doalah..


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