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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The truth is...

Suddenly dis pop up in my head as i go through one of my fren's pics in fb
"I should travel as much places as I can for dis year!!with my hubby of course :) "

Jom b!!jom jalan2..let's save our money for our europe backpack trip!!! (berangan je lebih ni..hehe) let's bring our backpack & cam & take a lot of photos together!!
.: actually i just miss hangout with u bunny :( :.


Rashid said...

eeee seronoknya kalau dapat duduk begitu. Menghadap kebiruan lautan.. ketenangan hembusan anginnya..

nurarinab said...

best kan..rasa mcm skrg ni nk g pantai tp skrg ni kalo nk g pantai belah barat daya ni mmg x elok..die tgh musim hujan.. :(


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