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Monday, February 8, 2010

Few weeks left for a single lady :)

Believe it or not, less than 3 weeks to go..Goshhh mind can't still believe i'm about to get married. But heart beating fast as mind imagine d day of d solemnization (I can imagine how it will turn out) I miss my fiance so much..But then I will be ok, when d day arrived, he is finally my husband http://emo.huhiho.com

Few things happened last weekend beside the visit of mrs mummy

1. My tyre flat n I drove my car all the way from Jalan TAR to Istana Negara with a flat tyre. Thank God nothing bad happened..fiuhhh..

2. I spent RM1000 just to service and repair my car & d tyre (huarghhh..dugaannye!!!!) http://emo.huhiho.com

3. Someone stalked me on my way home (huuuu..maybe I should move out http://emo.huhiho.com)

4. I bought 4 nice chiffons for my mother, sisters n future mother in law http://emo.huhiho.com

5. Bought d washing machine (finally!!!) tq so much bonda..muah muah muah!!!!

6. Finally..I met my closed frens n delivered all d cards (just few more left)

7. this is d final n d best of all...Abu came home!!!! (she saw dad's car before dad went out for work..she meowing all d way with d intention my dad would saw her n yes dad saw her n when dad open d door, she ran into d haus straight to her bed..hahaha..funny cat but i just love u http://emo.huhiho.com)


fikaryna said...

mmmg dugaan 2..sabar okeh..abu pun dah kembali ke pangkal jalan kira okeh la tuh..hehe..ada la si meow lps nih teman d hari besar..huhu..apa2 pun..jaga kesihatan..majlis pun dah dekat kan..

MyNameIsdD said...

yea yea Abu's back! Maybe she read that post about her? Hmmm.
Or probably she decided to come back to attend the wedding that is just around the corner. Dia nak jadik maid of honor gitu. Boley?

nurarinab said...

hehehe..tau xpe..sgt x sabar nk jmpe abu weekend ni..sian si tecik tu..nnt pkai kan die bj pgntn.hehe

Dayu said...

bila dah makin dekat ni
mmg byk lak benda2 terjadik..
tp rasa excited tu makin bertambah, malam nak menikah tu lagi lah
masa kita dulu, siap tyak bleh tido
esoknya,habis je majlis..
ptg tu satu family dok balun tido rehatkan badan..smua letih tak ingat

gud luck dear
senyum byk2 tau majlis nanti
biar photog berjaya moments terbaik kamu berdua

nurarinab said...

Tq dayu..terharunye baca komen u..will smile alot.hehe..wish luck to us..takut sgt!!!


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