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Thursday, February 11, 2010


What I want to/should do before I get married:

1. mani & pedicure ~ my oh my..dis would be d most important n all I could think of before they 'tepek d inai' on my hand n feet.

2. Bridal massage package which include mandi lulur, stim n all things that u could think for bride-to-be

3. Facial & spa. I dunno if this is similar to bridal massage (was it?)

4. A VERY GOOD NIGHT SLEEP!!!! goshhhh..lately it's so hard to get one of these good night sleep

And I was thinking about doing Henna during my W-day. Whether to do a classic one or a tattoo henna?

lovely isn't it??

pair it with this henna on my feet

and the simplest one n still look like a bride :)


RoZiA aHmAd said...

kalo difikir2kan, hal yg berkaitan kahwin ni. macam tak cukup masa kn... bagi brp pjg pn tak ckup2?

nurarinab said...

btul2..kalo nak kire mmg x cukup.bg brape lm pn xkan ckup..

KASIH said...

cantiknya kaki tu..teringin nak buattttt!!!!

nurarinab said...

lawakan??bole ke buat eh?ke haram?


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