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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lady Gaga

She always caught the attention. Though her style is weird n weird (double weird ok!) but then she can sing LIVE (something that she could be proud of) n in Hollywood, one of d way to become famous is: instead of competing to be nominated as d best dress on fashion police, to dress for d worst dress ~ they put attention on u too what.. http://emo.huhiho.com

Before that..I love this performance tribute for MJ

Watch her video on Grammy with Elton John. Her dress r maybe should I called it as costume is weird enuff n d glass or I dunno wat should I call it - what is d purpose of that thing btw..well I'm sure she has her own style


aizarin said...

dah tgk dah...pelik gak la.. tapi kan arina.. kat jpn nie...ada setengah2 artist die kalu wat show tak kire la kat mana pon.. costume die lagi pelik2.. set2 cam lady gaga gak... ntah pape.. =)

*maybe depa pakai glass tue nak tunjuk depa terrer maen piano tak tgk board kot.. he..he..

aizarin said...

dah tgk dah arina... pelik gak la... tapi kan, kat jpn nie.. ada setengah2 artis la... kalu wat show.. pesen lady gaga lak lah.. ntah pape nyer costume pakai.. yg teruk agi pon ada arina...ntah pape..

*maybe depa pakai glass tu sbb nk tunjuk terrer pandai maen piano tak tgk board die kot.. he...he..

nurarinab said...

haaa..tulah..tah pelik2 bebenar fesyen diorg.arina rs diorg mmg trpgrh dgn harajuku nye style.yg pelik2..hehehe

Riena said...

dia ni emmg x tau malu.... sangat sangat pelik..tp dia sangat sangat best kan?

nurarinab said...

Aah..die pelik amat tp suara die live dgn dlm radio same kan..so mmg tabik a!!!


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