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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Wedding Heels

At last..at last..I found the shoe. thank you to fara who gives suggestion on where to buy my wedding shoe (tapi fara Charles & Keith xdelah yang sesuai pengantin pattern die :(( ). I know it's kinda unusual to wear black shoe on a W-day but I just don't like white shoe. my feet looks darker in white. The shoe is so simple (which I could wear after this to work :D ) You guys ready for d new shoe??? Here we go...

I know the shoe does not looks like a bridal shoe but my knee ache prevent me from wearing a very high heels n I'm not a bling-bling fan. So I guess this shoes would be alright for my W-day. I do like to wear open toe heels (I dunno what its name exactly), but my feet doesn't look nice in it. So I bought a 'peep toe' heels instead of that open toe heels. I will wear this shoes for my solemnization and both receptions. I guess it would be okay as long as I'm comfortable in it..hehe

this is the open toe heels that I meant


fikaryna said...

cantik..dua2 cantik..simple tp menarik..dan praktikal nak pakai lps majlis pun..huhu..

Riena said...

i loved yr wedding shoes arina.. so nice..

Mummy Chubby said...

Both sgt cantik...Mummy suke!

nurarinab said...

terima kaseh yer kawan2 :) pasti akn pkai dgn sng hati..hehe


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