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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A sovenir for my Aunts & Uncles

My aunts and uncles help me alot with my wedding. In 4 months time, I know I don't have enough time to do all the wedding preps. Thank God I have someone as helpful as them. So, as a symbol of my thankfulness to them, I give them a set of tea cups. The cups are so cute. I forgot to take their picture (will do later ok) but the cups are something like this:

cute isn't it? D cost is quite cheap. And I think all my aunts will be grateful compared to the uncles but both can use it because it is a set of two. Romantic isn't it?? Hahaha..(sori uncles, I'm a woman after all) I will upload the real cups when I snap them later ok.


Riena said...

cantik la nie arina.. mana awak beli?

fikaryna said...


nurarinab said...

Kat Am corp mall..name kdai die romantika.brg ala2 vintage tp sgt2 murah :)


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