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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is how my heart beating now

Today I have delivered all the wedding cards for my friends via post. Believe it or not, jus a few weeks left before we become husband n wife (huhu..berdebar lah plak). My house has looked like a home already. Few days ago they look just like a house but now it has become a home and I'm sure it (me actually) can't wait for the arrival of mr hubby in there http://emo.huhiho.comThough I do feel lonely there but then heart is where the home is :)http://emo.huhiho.com

I dunno what else should I check for my wedding prep. I think most of it has done. Just some small stuff. I hope all my friends could come to my wedding especially my closed friends. To have you guys on my big day will be the best thing ever!!!


Starting from this week, me n mr fiance are forbid from seeing each other..(darah manis diorg kate) Plus we are busy with the wedding stuff. I have to go back to my hometown every weekend from next weekend. Will be the busiest month ever but I hope things will be better later (pray for d best) n I hope ABU will come home before my big day. ABU saya rindu kamu amat!! :'(


p/s:kamu pasti rasa emoticon ini comelkn???saya juga..tq gee :)


aCik GeE cHoMeY said...

da nak kawin ek...lagi 2 minggu je kan....:-)

nurarinab said...

aah..dup dap dup dap jntg ni..hehe tp stil xcited!!

aCik GeE cHoMeY said...

sabar ek....nnti masuk kan pic..mesti meletoppp:-)

nurarinab said...

mmg nak letop2kan gee..hehehe


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