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Friday, February 12, 2010

Why I Love my Fiance Mucho2!

There are lots of things that makes me loves him more n more each day. These are few small things that I could remember on why he always tickle me at heart:

1. He calls me everyday, every morning & night without failed
2. He makes me laugh with his jokes everyday..

3. When he tries everyday to make himself perfect for me :)

4. When he makes a surprise out of blue

5. His small gestures that speak volumes about how much he cares bout me

6. He let me win in every situation even when he knew I'm wrong
(n I knew that I'm wrong..haha)
7. when he tries to charm me with his 'model' pose towards d door which end up with me laughing n he sulking
8. when he tries to impress me with his singing ability
9. when he blushing everytime I tease him *cute*
10. His super duper cute smile always caught me at heart! I heart u b!!


Rashid said...


ehehe.. ada-ada je..

nurarinab said...

mestilah ada-ada :)

ina said...

amboi...besar ati fiance dia bila baca ni...kena jaga baik2 nih...
take care sweetheart

ina said...

lepas kawin pun biarla terus lovey dovey.. aminn.

dilaOHdila said...

wow romantique aa nab:-)

nurarinab said...

thank u guys..hrp smpi ke matilah mcm ni :) doakan kami yer :)


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