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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Tag Along

What must u bring on ur vacation? For me there are few important items dat I must bring during my long vacation.

1. Handbag or Sling bag (I would prefer a huge bag with many compartment in it)
not only because you could bring along a lot of items inside them but it does make u look stylo n glamorous too..hehe (I know u girls out there agree with me)

2. A pair of super comfortable shoes or sandles or thong (Usually when I travel, I will bring at least two pair of shoes together: a sandle and a pair of shoes/heels). this one depend on your trip. If it is a casual trip such as a trip to a beach or water world then slipper,sandle or thong would be suitable, if u 're going to a jungle trip or zoo trip, a pair of super duper comfortable shoes would be good because most of d time u will be walking.

3. A comfortable shirt and pant or jeans. When u travel, comfortability is so important or u might not enjoy ur trip. So a comfortable shirt with a pant or jeans or maybe a skirt is important, plus u don't want to look unhappy in the pictures right? ;)

4. Mineral water. Yes, I think this is one of d most important thing to bring along when u travel. Usually d hotel will provide mineral waters for d guests. So, bring it along. Water is so important to prevent ur body from dehydration.

5. Talcum or lotion. I prefer talcum than lotion to moist my face skin. When u walked a lot or travel a lot, skin tends to dry and sometimes makes u feel sweaty or smell 'masam'..haha. Serius nih! So bring a small lotion or talcum could help u boost ur confidence level again :) (lagi pn xkanlah da pkai glamer2 tp bau peluh kan)

6. Your important items such as IC, passport, phone, some cash (but not too much) and credit card. (always carry them with u)

7. Last and not least. Big SUNGLASS. not only they protect your eyes, they also make u feel GLAMOROUS (agreed?? *wink*) tapi jgn pkai mlm2 tau..da mcm si buta plak nanti..hihi

These are few items that I think importants during the travel period. What about u guys??

(Kate Beckinsale n Kristen Stewart. they look cool aren't they?)

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