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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Between d hubby & Nicole Richie

I miss my hubby..so much..weekend is never enough for me. every Friday night we will meet. Spend the Saturday together and on Sunday afternoon we both have to go back to our own niche. OOO how I miss the time we spent during our honeymoon. everyone around us is a stranger. So he depends on me n I definitely depend on him. D world is really 'you n me'.

OK..OK..I'm over reacting but see how fun I was making faces with mr hubby. He only did it during the huneymoon (ok..im lying) but what can I do, he's d husband. n I just realise that tommorrow is the Friday. yeepie!!!! n tommorrow will be a double happiness for me cause will meet my whole families too :)

n btw, I have became a big fan of Nicole Richie recently. I just like her style. So boho yet so chic..I don't have to describe all, u judge yourself ;)

She's really a fashion icon isn't she? ;)


Hafiza Abdul Latiff said...

pza pun suka nicole richie ni, dia pakai apa pun mesti nampak sangat cantik jew =)

nurarinab said...

tulah..nmpk comel je :)

nurarinab said...

tulah..nmpk comel je :)

Rashid said...

owwhh romantisnya.. comel gambar tuu.

nurarinab said...

oohh..thank u..thank u.. :)


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