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Monday, May 31, 2010

My New Interest (Oh. I would become so addicted to them I'm sure)

This is my new hobby. Thanx to Mak Idah, cause she's willing to give most of her collection to me n Along. I've been adore this 'thing' since I was small. I used to buy it at a gift store by saving some of my pocket money. But after a few years, some of them has broken and lost. And Mak Idah has given me a hope buy giving me her collection. Muahhhhh..sayang Mak Idah :) *ngee*

Let see some of my new collectionS *ngee*

It's pretty isn't it? It's like an old town city with a clock on it. I plan to buy a cabinet or maybe a miniature field with hills on it covered with a glass with they in it. How nice is that..If any of you readers know where I can find this kind of collection, please..please..do inform me.

And this one...it's a gift from Pak Cir, gold platted. SO SO PRETTY. He has so many of these and I was surprise he's willing to give one of them to me. Thanx Pak Cir!!Sayang kamu juga! *ngee*

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