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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Official Wedding pics..yeay!!!

Ok..I'm over excited nih..hehe..Finally, my wedding's pics are here..but FB is having a prob to upload all my photos..but here are some of the pics that I want to share with u guys. njoy!!!

More pixies in FB! Suddenly I want to go back to my wedding day..Rewind please!!!


cik tim said...

nice pics. cntik sgtttt :)

nurarinab said...

thanx ct :)

Hafiza Abdul Latiff said...

me too =)....nice picture wedding =P

FionaHafiz said...

pic wedding sgt cantik. i think because of you pki kaler putih. =P

nice choice of you. (and me! oso going to wear white on my w-day)

hehe. =)

aCik GeE cHoMeY said...


nurarinab said...

thanx kawan2..tulah fiona..pkai putih mcm naik giler seri pgntin tu..hehehe


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